This shop sells dairy products made from fresh milk produced in Naganuma and the surrounding areas. Their popular items include a refreshing soft serve ice cream, gelato ice cream with various seasonal flavors, parfaits, and crepes. Other all-time favorites include ham, sausage, cheese, and baked sweets.

shop data

Name Ice-no-Ie
Address Nishi 11-sen Minami 6, Naganuma-cho, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 0123-88-0170
FAX 0123-88-4418
Hours Nov to Feb 9:30-17:00
Mar to Apr 9:30-18:00
May to Aug 9:30-19:00
Sep to Oct 9:30-18:00
Closed Wednesday (Nov to Feb only), Jan 1
Seats Table 5 seats, counter 7 seats
Parking Available
Smoking No smoking
Reservations Not accepted
Multilingual Service None
Cashless Payment None (cash only)
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