Naganuma Onsen


Naganuma Onsen features a “gensen kakenagashi” continuous flow hot spring with no added heat or water. The spring has a flow rate of 1,150 liters per minute and a temperature of 51℃. At the restaurant’s Genghis Khan Corner, you can try 3 local flavors of Genghis Khan (lamb and mutton) barbecue. They also sell Gensen Tofu, a special tofu made with 100% local Naganuma soybeans.

shop data

Name Naganuma Onsen
Address Higashi 6-sen Kita 4, Naganuma-cho, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 0123-88-2408
FAX 0123-88-2999
Hours 9:00-22:00
Closed None
Parking Available
Smoking Separate smoking/non-smoking areas
Reservations Not accepted
Multilingual Service Multilingual Service
Cashless Payment Credit card
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